At ESH holistic therapy and comprehensive cure is the focus of our treatment methodology and approach. We offer treatments for spinal disorders, musculoskeletal system disorders, nervous system disorders and also certain ENT conditions like vertigo and tinnitus. We are much more than a hospital. We are a wellness centre where rehabilitation and rejuvenation are prioritised. Our core focus is on complete cure and recovery helping the patients return to their normal life healthy and hale.

We do not just treat the symptoms of an ailment at ESH. Our priority is on identifying the root cause and alleviating this cause for complete recovery. Patients return to their day to day routine and regular work at the earliest once the treatment process is complete.

We are a team of highly experienced and well-qualified experts in the field of medicine. Relying on the strengths of Ayurveda, we have over the years researched and found the perfect balance in treatment methods that benefit patients in the long term. Our specialised branches of treatment provide a complete cure for various complex health conditions.

The treatments provided at ESH include

  • Muscle relaxation therapy
  • Neck joint relaxation therapy
  • Neck joint stimulation therapy
  • Shoulder joint stimulation therapy
  • Shoulder joint relaxation therapy
  • Knee joint stimulation therapy
  • Knee joint relaxation therapy
  • Hip joint stimulation therapy
  • Hip joint relaxation therapy
  • Nerve stimulation therapy
  • Muscle-strengthening therapy
  • Whole-body relaxation therapy

Treatment methods adopted vary from patient to patient. They depend on the conditions, symptoms and root causes of discomfort and disorders that an individual has. Some lifestyle changes and dietary changes are advised as part of the treatment process for a specific period to alleviate the disorder completely and prevent any forms of recurrence in the future.

Root cause analysis is an important part of the treatment process. To completely alleviate the pain and disorder we find the causes of the disorder and address them at the start of the treatment itself.

Some of the common causes of disc problems are

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Accidents and fall
  • 24×7 work style
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Wrong sitting postures
  • Lifting weights without strengthening the muscles
  • Excess working on mobile phones and laptops

Here at ESH, we address the disc problems as a lifestyle ailment caused due to excess stress and pressure on the body. That is why our treatment methods are focussed on strengthening the muscles. These treatments help the patients to get back to their normal selves steadily eradicating pain and discomfort over time. Our medicines do not have any side effects on the body and deliver natural cures along with rejuvenation.