We are ensuring need-based infrastructure and facilities according to patient needs to make them more comfortable during the treatment period. Also practising meaningful and cordial care to the individual patient by customizing the treatment methods to suit the ailment and what the patient’s body needs. At ESH, we have built a harmony of ancient traditions with modern technologies in medicine to provide the patient with a comforting and energizing atmosphere for healing. We have diagnostic facilities like scanning and X-rays to look into the patient’s body to examine the key aspects of the ailment at a micro level. Supported by laboratory facilities these help ESH in ensuring all-round care and precise diagnosis. We also have specialized treatment centres for Panchakarma, massages, baths, marma chikitsa and oil therapies. They are kept clean and well maintained with all the necessary herbal medicines and oils for use nearby. Apart from these we also have a specialized treatment centre for spine and joint-related ailments, where the aim is to provide specific care and therapies that address this issue. All the patient rooms, dining areas, treatment centres, waiting lounges etc. are well maintained and kept clean and hygienic. The patient rooms are spacious with ample lighting and air circulation and clean bathrooms. The rooms are maintained in a way that gives comfort and relaxation to the patient helping in quick recovery. ESH is constantly growing and finding newer areas for development. Our research and development centre is continuously on a path to researching new combinations, formulations, medicines, and treatment procedures in Ayurveda to find newer breakthroughs. This facility is equipped with modern research aids and equipment to help our team of researchers and scientists. The rehabilitation and yoga centre concentrates on strengthening the body and mind and providing a calming environment where the patient can recover and rejuvenate.

Modern facilities at ESH are designed to provide patients with the best of ayurvedic treatment aided by modern technology at new amenities. These aim to provide a holistic and comprehensive treatment experience benefiting the patient.