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Edamanasserry Spine Hospital

Our history goes back three decades. We have been functioning in Coimbatore for 36 years. Started in Maniakaranpalayam as Varma Treatment Centre and today flourishing in Narasimmanaickenpalayam, our ultra-modern 50 bedded hospital provides aid and support to many patients from in and around Coimbatore. This advanced facility of ours is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution and approved by the Ayush Ministry, Govt. of India.

Treatment at ESH follows a well studied, researched, and tested methodology that follows traditional Ayurvedic procedures mentioned in ancient Indian texts, blended with the traditional methods of therapies practised and passed on through generations of the Edamanasserry family. Blended with modern interventions in medicine the treatment delivered at ESH is highly effective and many complicated conditions like joint and neck pains, disc prolapse, dislocations, arthritis and nerve problems have been treated permanently. Our 50 member strong medical practitioners have strong expertise and experience in the field.

Edamanasserry family that hails from the Malabar region in Kerala developed this treatment. It was nurtured and polished over many centuries and passed over from generation to generation. This knowledge along with his expertise in medicine and Ayurveda helped him to develop a unique treatment methodology to treat back pain and spine related ailments.

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Our Mission

We focus on bringing radical changes in spine and nerve related ailments by

  • Developing revolutionary treatment methodologies and therapeutic intervention of traditional treatments with all nerve and bone related ailments
  • Providing long lasting solutions for chronic pain & illness.
  • Ensuring extensive need based infrastructure and facilities to make more comfortable for the patients.
  • Servicing needy through free medical camps and educating people by health care awareness programmes and speeches to live a better life.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to be the most respected and innovative health care hospital (centre) in the field of ayurveda.
  • We aim to be first choice hospital by providing superior quality services and treatment in an authentic and traditional way with modern facilities.
  • ESH will always revive our approach to change customer’s need and “we dream of a world without spinal, nerve and bone related ailments” and to eradicate disability caused to the mankind by such disease.