Vasantha ChandranVasantha Chandran
05:33 30 Mar 24
Hi this is Vasantha from NSN palayam. I am taking treatment regularly for shoulder pain and leg pain. Am completely feeling better now. Thank you very much for your caring services
Kavitha GopalKavitha Gopal
04:54 20 Mar 24
I'm kavitha. I suffered a lot from shoulder pain for last one year now I treated here for 15 days. Now I completely alright I can do My routine works without any pain Tq for the service and care provided by the ESH team
Gopesh GokulGopesh Gokul
00:35 17 Mar 24
Good environmental and good treatment I'm 90% alright staffs and doctors are very kind .
Jinu P PJinu P P
11:52 16 Mar 24
I treated here for by backpain Now i'm completely feeling better thankyou verymuch for your support and services
Santhara SekaranSanthara Sekaran
11:46 16 Mar 24
vibinsuryaa Mvibinsuryaa M
13:56 06 Jan 24
Title: A Transformative 37-Day Journey to Healing: 24/7 Pain to Big ReliefI recently admitted my mother to [Edamanaassery Spine Hospital Pvt ltd] for back pain, and I am incredibly pleased with the overall experience. The care and treatment she received during her 37-day stay were exceptional, leading to a remarkable transformation in her health. From experiencing 24/7 pain, she now feels significant relief, and I want to express my gratitude to the entire team.Positive Aspects:Expert Doctors: The doctors at [Edamanaassery Spine Hospital Pvt ltd] were not only knowledgeable but also compassionate. Their expertise in Ayurvedic treatments played a crucial role in my mother's recovery.Peaceful Environment: The hospital environment was serene and conducive to healing. It provided a tranquil atmosphere that contributed positively to the overall well-being of the patients.Comfortable Rooms: The rooms were well-maintained and provided a comfortable space for recovery. It made the entire stay more pleasant for my mother.Effective Treatment: The treatment plan prescribed for my mother was highly effective, and the results were evident in the significant relief she experienced. The holistic approach to healing in Ayurveda was instrumental in her transformation.Insurance Assistance: I am particularly grateful for the proactive assistance provided by the hospital staff in helping me navigate and successfully claim my medical insurance. Their support made the financial aspect of the 37-day treatment much more manageable.Areas for Improvement:Honestly, it's challenging to find any significant areas for improvement. However, communication about the treatment plan could be enhanced to ensure that patients and their families have a clear understanding of the process.Conclusion:I am immensely grateful to [Edamanaassery Spine Hospital Pvt ltd] for the excellent care provided to my mother during her 37-day stay. Her recovery from 24/7 pain to experiencing significant relief is nothing short of a miracle. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone seeking Ayurvedic treatment for various health concerns. The added support in dealing with insurance matters demonstrates their commitment to comprehensive patient care.
Rudhra AmirthavarshiniRudhra Amirthavarshini
07:13 15 Dec 23
Visited this hospital for my brother's treatment. He was suffering from back pain for so long and he had really bad posture. He was hospitalized for treatment around 45 days and now his body posture has completely changed and pain in the lower back also reduced. He feels much better now. Hospital atmosphere is really good and staffs are very kind. Thanks to all the staffs and doctor team for their efforts . I would strongly suggest this hospital for anyone having spine related issues.
12:18 06 Dec 23
Visited this hospital for my mother's shoulder, neck & spine problems. Doctors were very approachable, caring and recommended for in-hospitalization treatment for 70 sittings (35 days). At the time of discharge 70% of pain got reduced. Currently following up regular with day care treatments post discharge and feeling good improvements. Doctors and all the staff members are cooperative.
Deepak LachuDeepak Lachu
08:07 29 Nov 23
I had a lower back pain and neck pain for the past two years.. i came to know this hospital by Google, first time In my life i have seen a doctor who understand my problem by interacting more than half an hour. Dr.Dona madam and Dr Sandra madam clearly explain the problem ,how it is happen what is the treatment and how we avoid in future.They have suggested for 60 sittings,but at 45 sittings itself my problem get cured.i have admitted here for 6 days and here I feel friendly approach by all admin members.I strongly recommend this hospital for spinal related issues...
Karthikeyan LKarthikeyan L
08:34 18 Jul 23
Mohan RajMohan Raj
08:00 13 Jul 23
I am mohan raj I have consulted the doctor on May 22 for back pain and treatment explanation they have given and I am afraid after 3 days they have given their words so that I have belief and I have took 45 days treatment and i am very happy to say I am purely ready and the hospital staffs behaviour also very good and for everyone in the hospital i thank
07:08 17 Jun 23
I am pavni I suffered from L4 and L5 spine problem and I took 40 days of treatment and I got good results and their patient handling and their room maintenance is very good.
pushpa rajpushpa raj
06:08 23 May 23
Edamanaassery spine hospital is referred by our friend,due to extrusion i suffered and near by 30 days i have took treatments and after 30 days i am discharged with pain free and the treatment which I have taken gives me full satisfaction
guru purushothguru purushoth
14:21 19 May 23
Underwent treatment for severe disc compression, osteoporosis & bone dislocation.All of which were treated & corrected at the hospital.The duration for treatment might feel long but provides great end results, which was experienced by me.
Santhosh J MoorthySanthosh J Moorthy
06:17 09 May 23
Surprising Consultation:The first time when I visited the Hospital for consultation, to my surprise the Doctor spent more than 30 mins to understand my problem carefully listening to my history (injury) and the current problem. The reason why I'm surprised is generally these days the Doctors are busy with handling several cases and they do not spend more than 5 to 10 mins but the case here was the opposite where the Doctor spends 30 mins to 1 hour depending on the problem/situation of the patient.My Past Surgery:I had done my ACL and meniscus surgery 5 years back, after a proper rehab process I was back to normal playing Football, Hockey etc and I took my Black Belt in Karate too. But one day unfortunately I landed very harshly after a jump and had a pain inside my knee. After MRI and consulting with multiple Doctors who suggested another surgery, I landed up at ESH for Ayurveda Treatment.Feel Good:I was admitted for a week and spent about Rs.30000/- for the treatment which is affordable for middle-class families. The hospital was clean and tidy, my admission process was simple, and the staff at the reception and the nurses at their respective stations were super courteous. The catering service done by the working staff was so respectful to everyone. Although I do not know everyone's name, I would prefer to mention Mrs. Shobana for her gesture and hospitality.Treatment:I had a massage therapy session every morning and evening. I understood from the staff & the doctor how Ayurveda treatment works and it was great information and knowledge. After every session, the person who treats me (Mr Saji) used to touch my feet and sends a small prayer to the almighty for me to get well soon. I appreciate and I’m grateful to Dr George (Executive Director), Mr Saji (Treatment Specialist) and all the people who took care of me.My knee is feeling better than before but I have to go through another rehab process to strengthen my knee through various exercises. I’ll strongly recommend ESH for people who want to try Ayurveda.