SPINE TREATMENT » Once in Life time FEES » Once in Life time DURATION » Maximum treatment period is 45 days. Treatment also available for Post - spinal surgery including, • Disscectomy • Laminectomy • Limitation after Spinal fusion surgery • Ankylosing spondylitis • Myopathy (particular cases)



ESH is giving treatments for spinal disorders, general illness and lifestyle diseases. You can approach ESH if you experience any of the following symptoms.

Long time suffering due to undiagnosed illness

Unrecognizable pain in body

Discomforts due to obesity

Left uncured by any other treatment methods


Declared incurable by any system of medicine

No time to perform physical exercise

Lethargic to perform day to day activities



Treatments for spinal disorders
Complete cure in spinal disorders happen only when the treatment addresses the root cause. At ESH, we do not just treat the symptoms of diseases. We reconstruct the entire body as part of the treatment. This treatment system will improve the patients’ immunity and physical vigor. The patient gains strength to fight the disease and get recovered completely. Besides, the patient grows a strong resistance capacity against the disease and so, will never have to experience the same illness in the future again. The patient can go back to his normal life after the treatment and can do whatever he likes to do like travelling, cycling, driving, jumping, squatting, etc.

We treat and cure all types of spinal problems like

Disc problems

Nervine pain

Sub luxation pain

Dislocation pain

Ligamental tear (Sprain)

Muscular rupture (Strain)

Joint & bone problems (By injury & not by injury)

Scoliosis & kyphosis



Alzheimer's disease


Rheumatic arthritis

Parkinson's disease

Nervine disorders¸ etc

At Edamanaassery Spine Hospital, the spinal disorders are successfully corrected by traditional Ayurvedic procedures like


The Special Varma Uzhichil is an effective therapy which involves the application of pressure in upward motion through the limbs of the body. Medicated herbal oil is also used for better results.

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