SPINE TREATMENT » Once in Life time FEES » Once in Life time DURATION » Maximum treatment period is 45 days. Treatment also available for Post - spinal surgery including, • Disscectomy • Laminectomy • Limitation after Spinal fusion surgery • Ankylosing spondylitis • Myopathy (particular cases)




Rejuvenates nervous and muscular system

Stimulates blood circulation

Enhances the physical strength

Full body special varma uzhichil helps to release endorphins which act as pain reliever and physical stress and strain reliever

Better sleep and feel energized

Relief from pain and stiffness

Relief for athletes from sour muscles due to hard workouts.

Relief from muscle sprain.

Stimulates the lymphatic system which in turn enhances the immune system

Helps in tissue regeneration

Removes dead skin cells and improves skin tone by tissue regeneration



The patient is made to lie down on a traditional massage table named paathi. warm medicated oil is poured all over the body by squeezing an oil soaked cloth.


Improves blood circulation

Detoxifies the body

Quick healing of fractured bones

Increases immunity

Helps increasing life span

Improves physical and mental health

Reduces stress and anxiety

Improves muscle development and strengthens weak muscles

Reduces burning sensation of body

Stabilizing and reviving body's natural healing capabilities

Normalize the vitiated vadha dosha to cure PARKINSON'S DISEASE

Normalize blood pressure

Highly beneficial for neuro muscular and musculo skeletal disorders


Pouches of muslin cloth are filled with medicated powders and warm them to pound over the affected area. Change the kizhi in every minute till the affected area gets warmed. There are 6 types of fomentation therapies and we are experts in all of them.
Navara Kizhi :- Boiled navara rice is filled in to the muslin pouch and then dips it in to the kurunthotti pal kashayam. And then, using this kizhi, apply pressure on the affected area of patient's body.


Provides strength and rejuvenates the tissues

Relief from pain, inflammation, stiffness associated with bone, joints, neuro- muscular, musculo-skeletal pains.

Prevent the degenerative process from progressing

Strengthens joints and muscles


Elai kizhi :- Fry a mixture of herbal leaves of desired quantity in sesame oil. Tie this mixture in a muslin cloth in the form of bolus. Medicated oil is heated in a vessel. Dip the bolus in the warm oil and take it out. Apply this bolus on the affected area as per requirement.


Relieving spasm and stiffness of muscles

Lubricates joints and relive the joint pain

Strengthen spinal muscles

Enhances peripheral blood circulation, cleanses channels of circulation and expels toxins through sweat.

Refreshes body


Podi kizhi / Ennai kizhi

It pacifies the morbidity of vadham, pitham, kabam in afflicted joints, muscles and soft tissues

It removes water retention in the tissues and effusion of joints

It soothes the nerves and improves the blood circulation. cuses sweat and gives a feeling of lightness.

It strengthens the digestive, lymphatic and excretory systems.

Kashaya kizhi

It increase the red blood cells count and improves blood circulation

Reduces itching on the body

Relieves pain

Special kashaya kizhi

It cures general skin diseases

Relives pain

Paal kizhi

Improves the skin tone

Removes wrinkles completely


A cotton cloth folded in to four and soaked in medicated oil is placed on patient's affected area. Heated oil is slowly poured on the cloth and let spread over the affected area. The oil should be replaced periodically to maintain its temperature. The procedure should be carried out for 45 minutes.


It is effective for vadha generated diseases that affect cranial nerves. Effective for degenerative and painful spinal problems as well.

It cures chronic headache

Effective in treating insomnia

It counteracts with hallucination and treats hysteria



Our expert therapists ensure complete recovery through a holistic approach from the diagnosis to the Special Varma Uzhichil and Pizhichil therapy. With the Special Varma Uzhichil and fomentation therapy the nervine channels gets opened. This helps to clean the toxins produced inside the body by improper metabolic function and improper digestive system. We suggest sattvic diet and spinal exercises to reinstate healthy metabolism. This will definitely improve the digestion and exertion.


We Treat

Bronchial asthma


Allergic rhinitis


Kidney stones/ Gall bladder stones


Skin diseases

Irritable bowel syndrome



Menopausal syndrome

Heavy bleeding (D.U.B)

Leucorrhoea (white discharge)

Dysmenorrhoea (heavy pain during menses)

Endometriosis/ fibroid

Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Preserve health. Preserve wealth

Accidents and ailments can occur in our life at any age or time. There's a limit to how much one can safeguard his health, irrespective of how careful one's way of life is. Besides the 24X7 work style that one follows is powerful enough to make him unhealthy at an early age. At Edamanaassery Spine Hospital, we give specialized care for injuries such as wounds and bone fracture from fall and burn injuries. Our treatment method and medicines are free of any side effects as it relies on a very natural way of cure.