SPINE TREATMENT » Once in Life time FEES » Once in Life time DURATION » Maximum treatment period is 45 days. Treatment also available for Post - spinal surgery including, • Disscectomy • Laminectomy • Limitation after Spinal fusion surgery • Ankylosing spondylitis • Myopathy (particular cases)



Edamanaassery Spine Hospital, an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution, is the only Ayurvedic spinal cord treatment centre in India. Backed with Varma treatment method, the neurological section of Ayurveda, Edamanaassery Spine Hospital offers complete cure from any form of disc diseases.


What is varma treatment method? How is it practiced?
It is an ancient wisdom. It can be traced back to an age even before human kind started using medicines to cure illness. Bare hands are being used to diagnose and treat illnesses in this method of treatment. Invented by the sages of ancient period, the Varma art was classified in to three

Defense Face

War Face

Cure Face

Cure face is the medical application of this wisdom. Using the Varma art, the varma practitioner stimulates the invisible vital energy circulation inside the body and thereby strengthens the body and cures the illness. Massaging on the vital spots (varmas) using medicated oils with rare herbal extracts produces astonishing cure to long time incurable diseases.

Team ESH

Our team of expert Ayurvedic medical professionals and therapists possesses expertise in bone relocation therapy that makes use of intelligent application of varma treatment.


Building patient’s confidence is very crucial before commencing any treatment procedure. At Edamanaassery Spine Hospital, we do it in a professional way. The care, the service, individualized therapy and the whole ambience will definitely give the patient a sense of being in safe hands.

Pharmacy with sufficient stock of effective medicines

Comfortable accommodation facility

Luxurious facilities and amenities

Well-equipped treatment rooms

Individual attention for each patient

Treatment procedure under the guidance and supervision of expert physicians

Caring team of doctors and staff

100 % reliable lab with accuracy and precision in diagnosing

Why Ayurveda and Siddha are future cures? Ayurveda and Siddha are ancient knowledge of life which is so contemporary as well as future relevant. This ancient wisdom has now regained its ancient glory which was shadowed once by the overpowering of contemporary medical science. And now the world has started realizing Ayurveda’s magical curing capacity.

Ayurveda and Siddha are the most effective medical systems to alleviate stress, to strengthen the body and to ward off even acute illnesses. Ayurveda, the science of living, says the imbalance in bodily humor and suppressed natural urges are considered unhealthy and lead to illness. For example, controlling sneezing results in shoulder pain and suppressing stools produces knee pain. So, a treatment mere for knee pain or shoulder pain will not be sufficient enough in such cases. Knowing the root cause of any diseases is important in this system of medicine as cure means not just addressing the visible illness but the root cause.

The treatment given in EDAMANAASSERY SPINE HOSPITAL is designed keeping this motto as its soul.